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Bigtime asked 3 years ago

How to return side spin shots in the rally

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hey Bigtime,

Hope all is well.

I was working with a player the other day on this. Returning side spin shots during the rally takes a bit of practice. The side spin kicks off to a particular corner and then throws off the players timing. Players tend to rush in to early or to late when trying to return the side spin shot.

Heres how to return it. As your opponent plays their shot to you with sidespin, you want to let the ball kick off the table and then play a forehand or a backhand depending on which side of the table it landed. Don’t approach the ball to quickly when playing your shot because the spin will make you misjudge and mistime the shot. Wait for the ball, let it do its spin, then contact the ball.

A good tip when playing either a backhand or forehand against a sidespin ball is to play the ball to the middle of the table. This will enable you to learn which direction your shot will go due to the side spin plus give you greater margin for error.

We will release a video on how to play against these side spin shots very soon 🙂

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