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Nomad asked 3 weeks ago

Hi Guys
Sorry to be persistent regarding rubber selection but this is just for a point of clarification.
I got the feeling when you were talking about Hurricane rubber you were referring to Hurricane 3. When I purchased my Hurricane rubber there were two types. (2 & 3) available.  I chose Hurricane 2 as I was told it was a faster rubber which could give me good degree of topspin when attacking but it could also absorb spin to counteract an opponent’s topspin reply. The other option was Hurricane 3 which was more tacky but slower.  I chose the Hurricane 2 rubber (which is good)  but I would like a little more grip to make my services and topspin returns more ‘difficult’ in terms of increased topspin and backspin. 
I know I am really looking for the best of both worlds which I appreciate may not be possible but if I was to replace my Hurricane 2 with Dignic 05 do you think would this have more grip and speed than Hurricane 2? After watching your rubber review on Dignic O5 I am tending to favour that as an option to Hurricane 2… although Dignic 09 looks very tempting too.  I appreciate that whatever rubber I choose may have a’playing in’ time and it is difficult for you to advise without seeing a video but as you have used both rubbers (Dignic 05 and 09) you may have some idea of the qualities you think may be best suited for my attacking type of game. 
Tenergy is another possible option for the forehand.. used to be so simple!!  
Thanks again for your patience.  Choosing rubbers can be an expensive business!

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Alex, no problem at all. Yes choosing rubbers is not easy and there is a lot to pick from now a days. So i would say if we are talking in terms of grip and spin there in nothing out there that will be better than hurricane 2 or 3, both are very pretty similar perhaps a tad more speed in the 3, the topsheet isbso grippy and sticky,however hurricane does have very jard sponge and is pretty slow. The closest dignics to hurricane for grip is definitely the 09c and that will also have more spring and speed than the hurricane. Tenergy, again very good rubbers but more speed and spring rather than out and out grip and spin, so my suggestion would be stick to the hurricane or maybe try the 3 to see if you prefer that, alternatively give the dignics 09c a try. I’d say the dignics 05 and tenergy rubbers would probably be quite a big difference in feeling to the hurricane for you.

replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks Tom…much appreciated. I think I will give Dignics 09 a try. Just as a matter of interest what type of rubbers do you and Dan have on the forehand and backhand?


Academy Coach replied 3 weeks ago

No worries, yeah I’d say that’s probably the best if both worlds for what you want. I used Stiga DNA hard in both sides, and Dan uses Tenergy 05 on forehand and Dignics on the backhand for more grip and control.

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