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lem496 asked 4 weeks ago

Hey Guy, I hope all is well. I just watched the I Always Lose Cose Matches video. This has been happening to me quite often lately. In my last 3 tournaments Ive lost either in the finals or the semis after being up 2-0. It happened again last night in league to a player 150 points under me after beating every player above or equal to me in rating points its maddening. For example last tournament Im in the finals after plowing through everyone in the first and second round including the player who beat me. Im up 2-0 and start the 3rd game up 4-0 only to watch my lead and the next 3 games slip away. Its as if my brain locks up, my shot selection becomes horrible. I know Im in trouble but I just cant seem to dig deep and stop my opponent. Its as if Ive become a runaway train and everything is speeding up. The same thing happened in league last night, even though I came in 1st in my division I lost the last match after being up 2-0. It was so bad my opponent scored 8 unanswered ponts in the last game. Its true many of my opponents are much younger but I do train harder then most and my stamina isnt bad. Ive reviewed videos of my matches with my coach who is flabergasted at watching my play deteriorate during the last match. He said the frustration inmy face is almost painful to watch. His suggestion is slow the game down by every means necessary until my head clears. Dont let my opponent set the pace,especially younger players. Let the umpire decide if Im taking too long, thats why they carry yellow cards. He also very big on rituals especially when serving. My coach is a 3x olympian. Im curious what your opinion on slowing the game down by taking it right up to the line of a rule violation. Any other suggestions on training or ideas would be gratefully accepted.
As alwways stay safe,
ps more short pips videos would be greatly especially. Maybe even a visit from Mattias Falk

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Lem!

Your coach is definitely right in terms of slowing things down, not rushing and really trying to dictate the pace of the game more. This will help a few points lost become a big losing run of points or a whole set or 2 that get away from you.

I would also suggest really trying to refocus on the tactics that got you to that 2 set lead. During those 2 sets you must have ebeen doing something we’ll and correctly in terms of tactics, so it’s about recognising what these tactics are and going back to them as much as you can when things get tough.

Really trying to be aware of what is working for you and the opponent’s weaknesses as well, it’s not easy during the heat of a game but can make a big difference.

We would lo e a visit from Mattias Falck! But otherwise we will try to add some more short pip videos with myself and Dan’s tips anyway.

Cheers, Tom

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