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SteveWAD asked 3 years ago

Passive blockers take the ball extremely early and are always over the table ready to angle your loop away from you and put you totally out of position constantly . This has a demeaning effect and eventualy you end up just struggling to get back in position without any time before the return is already back. Any way to reduce the frustration.?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Steve,

Great question and I know your frustration very well. This is a very common situation and we made a video on it here:

What is essential when playing passive blocking players is to vary your shots and placement often. Finding the elbow of the opponent works well to as they cannot get good contact to block well. Another thing is to slow things right down, often blockers do well because the attacker tries to much and simply starts to break down and rush. Slow things down and mix up your shot placement, varying your spin and speed. When you play with this style, mixing things up and slowing down you end up getting weaker returns from the opponent which you can then capitlise on and attack strong.

I also find letting passive blockers attack me works well. So don’t always be the player to try and attack everything and fall into the blockers trap. Sometimes push long and let them make the opponent attack, you may find this will put you in a different position in the rally.

Hope this helps Steve 🙂

replied 3 years ago

Thanks for your awesome advise, it appears my flawed strategy is what was working aginst me…consistant topspin and wait for him to make a mistake…blockers are very consistent so thats why its not workin
I will try your advise and check out the vid and let you know how it goes

replied 3 years ago

Hey just wanted to let you know i played my nemesis blocker Sunday and it was a much more comfortable win. Great advise guys

Academy Coach replied 3 years ago

That’s brilliant to hear! Glad you’ve found the tips helpful and they are making a difference to results and your performance, that’s exactly what we want to help people do, so that’s great feedback! 🙂

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