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Mikefish asked 3 years ago

Hi guys, I watched your videos very good. For some reason when I play a backhand I produce a lot of sidespin on the ball. How do I do it and get pure topspin rather than sidespin? It also means its hard for my partner to block the ball for me in training.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Mike, glad you are enjoying the videos!

There are a couple of points which can really help you in this situation, firstly it could be because you are using a bit too much wrist in the shot and not enough forearm. This can cause you to hit across the ball and create side spin, its important to use the wrist but along with the forearm, try to keep your elbow in a fixed position and focus on the forearm doing the majority of the movement with the wrist accelerating in towards the end of the stroke.

The second part which can really help you get pure topspin is to think about the line your bat follows through the ball, try to imagine the bat coiling back towards your stomach and then releasing out in a straight line in front of your body. Keep the movement relaxed and compact without forcing the shot too, this will enable you to generate more topspin and stop you hitting with side spin. Let us know how it goes!

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