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Resznotes asked 5 months ago

Hi Dan and Tom,
I’m working on my backhand open up and was wondering what the most likely error is if my return is often in the net. Mostly this is happening on the fast underspin serves or long, fast  pushes to my backhand side. I’m doing pretty well returning the slower balls but not enough success on the fast spiny shots. In your videos, you named several likely culprits, i.e., slow bat speed, not getting low enough soon enough, a bat at the wrong angle (too closed), and perhaps too much contact on the ball instead of brushing it. So, if you were trying to remedy the problem for someone, which issue is the most likely to be at fault and the one that you would address before any of the others? I’m having a hard time pinpointing the difference between what I’m doing in my successful strokes vs where I’m going wrong when I miss.
Thanks a million,

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 5 months ago

Hey Susan,

I would say the biggest 2 issues for this shot which cause mistakes are timing and not brushing the ball. Players do tend to rush this shot and not slightly pause before the contact which can cause the ball to go into the net a lot. Also being sure to brush up the back of the ball and try to be confident with it, so accelerating well through the ball contact.

So I would focus on good timing, as in getting the ball at the peak of the bounce or even just as its slightly starts to drop down. And using the body and legs to help which means your arm can relax a bit more and accelerate through the contact with a good brushing contact. Let us know how you get on! 🙂

replied 4 months ago

Awesome answer! Thanks, Tom.
I know that I often rush the ball, not just on this shot but on a regular basis during a game. My club just opened back up, so I hope to practice tonight.


Academy Coach replied 4 months ago

No problem at all, hope your training session went well!


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