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Iwilllearnbackhandloops asked 3 years ago

I’ve found your videos really helpful, especially regarding safety from spin. Against better players you have to move quicker as they move you more. When I try to move quicker that looseness in my game goes. Do you have any tips on increasing agility, moving quicker and still keeping that flowing, loose, spinny style. I have to tense to explode in to position and with that tension I’m no longer loose. How do I sustain methodical, controlled play when having to up my agility?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago


Glad to hear the videos are helping you and you’re enjoying them. That’s a great question and you’ve got a good point there it can be tricky to maintain that relaxed looseness when moving quickly around the table. It’s quite similar to the duck on water effect, you need to be calm and relaxed in your top half but explosive in your bottom half. It’s something which does take time to develop but with practice and trying to keep playing against better players that push you, you’ll work it into your game.

The best way to maintain this is by getting a partner to block the ball to you in different areas of the table so you have to move and your focus is hitting the ball with good spin and control (In this video we demonstrate this exercise-

Things to look out for are gripping the bat too tightly when moving fast, this can cause your arm and body to tense up and lose the soft brushing contact and spin on the ball, so try to keep a nice loose and relaxed grip.

Also to maintain the controlled play you spoke about when upping agility your timing point needs to remain the same, it can be the case when moving fast around the court that you rush your strokes and play the ball too quickly or late and end up playing your shots on the move and off balance. So keep the timing at the top of the bounce as well as trying to move to the ball first rather than playing your shot and moving simultaneously, this will help the stability in the shots and make you more controlled and consistent.

Hope those point help and let us know if you have any more questions or need more info!

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