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Nomad asked 8 months ago

Hi Tom/Dan
While looking at my video for forehand and backhand drives I noticed that in most, if not all of my backhand drives, my wrist bent towards my body from anything from 10 to the hour to 20 to the hour on a clock dial depending on the distance from the table and spin required. This helped to contact the ball near the top half of the bat which gave me more power, (with a backhand flick it could go back as far as twenty five to the hour.)
In the  forehand drive and heavy topspin stroke however the wrist movement was less notiiceable. I decided to experiment with my forehand strokes…topspin drive and smash by turning my wrist back fom 12 oclock to approximately 10 past twelve at the end of my backswing. I found this gave me additional speed and power if my timing was accurate especially in the smash with the use of body turn and a fast movement of the wrist at the end of the stroke.
Would this be as effective when the ball to be returned has heavy backspin and requires a swing srarting below the knee or wpud you tecommend a more vertical finish for the stroke?
Hope to see some more videos in the near future.
Keep safe

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Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hi Alex, yes using the wrist on both the backhand and forehand can really help generate more spin when used well for sure. It sounds like you have it pretty clear in your head about the use of the wrist, I think the main thing to watch out for is not over doing the wrist movement and losing out on control, so as you said you bring the wrist back to about the 10 past 12 area and then you should snap it through at the end of the stroke.

This works well against backspin too for sure, you may need to us e a slightly more upward brushing action but the wrist can still really help create more spin and quality on the shot when you accelerate it through at the end of the shot again.

We’ve had a bit of a tough time getting into our studio for filming since lock down but we have access now and have got some new videos filmed which we will get on the Academy as soon as we can. Then we’ll be back to adding new videos every month as usual before lockdown 🙂

replied 8 months ago

Thanks Dan
I look forward to seeing your videos.

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