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BuS asked 7 months ago

Hi Guys,
Just thinking about what exactly to focus on when training stroke quality and consistency. 
My assumption is that a quality/consistent stroke is a ball that has a great amount of spin and just as much speed with slightly favouring spin. My predicament is this. 

When trying to focus on stroke quality, I’m trying to brush the ball as much as possible with a focus on speed through the time of impact to create the spin and safety on the ball. However when I’m trying to swing fast to create spin, if it mis hit the ball I end up with a mostly faster flater trajectory ball instead of a nice arching ball for the safety. Ideally I’d be aiming to develop my stokes so I have a reliable ball to go to when out of position and need to get the ball on the table. (seems hard when I’m swinging fast to create spin)

Are there specifics parts of the ball contact to focus on when training the stroke? (or other little things to think about?)
Or is it maybe a timing thing depending on your own position?

Also do you guys reckon you’d be able to play most of your safe shots to a decent level regardless of the speed of the equipment? eg topspin FH loops with boll ALC with t05, compared to a 5 ply all wood blade with xiom vega pro or something?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 7 months ago

Hey! Yes you are right and a lot of players have the problem that they can brush the ball well at a slower speed but when they try to speed up then the shots get flatter and have less spin. I think being relaxed and having a fairly loose grip helps with this and can avoid the shots getting to flat.
Also timing is definitely important as you mentioned and trying to focus on hitting the ball at the top of the bounce. Playing fast and with spin definitely takes time and needs a lot of practice to develop the touch but it’s worth it. I would say try to practice playing at different speeds and distances can help. Definitely watch out 30, 60, 90 drill on the Academy if you haven’t already and try that. 
With the equipment yes I think for me and Tom and other quite experienced players we can play the safe shots with whatever equipment, it just takes a quick adjustment. But again that comes down to a lot of experience and practice over the years. But keep going with this and try the things I said here and let us know how you are getting on!
Dan 🙂 

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