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hamzah.france asked 1 week ago

Hi guys, 
I read on forums that those two blades are almost the same, I was wanted to know if you could feel a difference between the two, especially than Dan loves and uses the Harimoto ZLC from what I understood from the TTD reviews that are now a bit old maybe…

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 week ago

Hi Hamzah, yes these 2 blades are basically extremely similar. They have the same composition and make up in terms of wood and carbon so the feeling in my opinion is very similar, just that the Harimoto is very slightly stiffer but that’s the only real difference. Both good blades for sure. Cheers

hamzah.france answered 7 days ago

Thanks for your answer, I love the feel of the Innerforce layer ZLC but I feel it most of the time very small, don’t know if it is the handle or what exactly, so I finally gave it to my daughter and it suits her very well,
I see that the Harimoto ZLC is a bit bigger 158×152, so it could compensate that feel , but not sure abt the handle
I am using viscaria super ALC at the moment which I feel better in term of handle than the Innerforce layer ZLC, even if when you read the description it is almost the same, but I definitely feel a difference when using it.

TomTom Academy Coach answered 7 days ago

No problem, Yeah sometimes there are just very minor differences which you can feel. I Think the Viscaria has quite a chunky handle and the innerforce less so, that’s probably the difference. In terms of size if the harimoto is slightly bigger like you say if could make it feel more comfortable for you.

hamzah.france answered 6 days ago

Will try to get one in hand when I pass by a shop, 

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