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Divsalar asked 3 weeks ago

Hi Dan and Tom,
I followed the get your recovery right video and would like to confirm if I am doing right in this clip. Please list any mistake I am having here.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Divsalar, your recovery looks very good here and nice technique too! Just try to keep your body leaning a little more forward and weight leaning slightly forward too. I would say just be careful your shot doesn’t follow through too far and go across to the side of your body/face at the end because this will make it hard to recover in time. But you have a good fast action and nice quick snappy recovery too, you might find you can recover even quicker if you really focus on having a relaxed arm and letting all the tension go as you bring the bat back. But overall really nice, keep up the good work! Dan 🙂

replied 3 weeks ago

many thanks Dan

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