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Asgeir Snyen asked 4 months ago

I’ve been looking trough my matches for the last 3 tournaments and I see that almost 8/10 misses I have when opening is when I lean backwards. Any drill or tips on how to stop this from happening

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Dan Academy Coach answered 4 months ago

Hey Asgeir, a great way to help improve this is to work on the balance in your shot and also using your legs more to get the power and not to much from the upper body or arm. So really thinking about being strong with your feet on the ground and pushing up into the shot with your legs and making sure you rotate the body and keep your chest forward.

Also it can happen when the balls lands near the white line and you are a bit close to the table, so be sure to step out far enough after your serve or when the opponent pushes long so you have a bit more time and space to play your shot without getting forced to lean backwards. This way you can think about actually moving into the shot forwards and using your energy that way to help stop going backwards.

Hope this helps you, Dan 🙂

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