Coach CornerLearning or improving the pendulum serve.
jersba asked 1 month ago

Hi Tom and Dan,
Because the pendulum serve has many parts is it better to break down the motion and practice each part separately until achieving reasonable consistency with that part of the whole movement or is it better to keep repeating the entire service with all its parts until it all comes together? I guess your answer would apply to all the other types of serves also.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Hi Jersba, we would say it’s better to practice the serve as a whole and try to build the movements and parts all together. This will make it smoother and more natural rather than breaking it done into parts which can make it a bit tense and lose the speed through the action and contact. Also by training the serves action as a whole it will make it easier in the long term to change the spin and serve with sidespin backspin and then change to sidespin topspin for example. It will also mean your muscle memory improves and your body will start to learn the feeling of the correct serving action. Dan

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