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Muxmusfulla asked 5 years ago

How can I prevent knee pain after playing table tennis? I am right-handed and play handshake style and for last half year have pain in my left knee every time, pain lasts one day. I tried warming up and stretching before and after training. And also tried patellar tendonitis exercises. But pain still come back. Please help

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Dan Academy Coach answered 5 years ago

Hey Muxmusfulla,

Sorry to hear about the pain you are experience. The best advice I can give is to see a physio, they will be able to check if you have any long term damage or need an MRI scan. There are many knee stabilizer exercises to do to strength your knee up however I wouldn’t recommend them until you have consulted a professional to have a look over your knee.

Are you able to send in a video of yourself playing, I will be able to see if you’re putting to much pressure on one side.

I have had knee injuries in the past, back injuries and elbow injuries, it’s important you seek expert advice before trying to fix these issues yourself.

Hope my answer is helpful, I hope you feel better soon, keep us posted 🙂

replied 4 years ago

Thanks for your advice Dan! I went to see a physiotherapist and my knee pain is gone. The pain was caused by lower back pain. After cracking my back and performing some exercises the pain was relieved in minutes. I am now very happy to play at 100% again and pain free.

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