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aniket_mishra asked 11 months ago

Yesterday I played finals in a tournament where my opponent was using Jab/Hook/Par Gerell serve . I faced great difficulty in returning that serve because he was hiding the ball behind his body so I am unable to read the spin . Then I object and complaint against him to umpire but according to umpire those serves were legal . Here is the link –¬†
Please watch the video and tell me whether the serve was legal or not.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 11 months ago


When you were recieving the ball was not always visible to you. Therefore, the serve was illegal. If you complained to the umpire and the umpire said they were legal there isnt much more you could do other than fully focus on trying to recieve the serves to the best of your ability.

This is obviously very frustrating but just keep focusing on improving and even when things go against you they will be easier to deal with.


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