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Lucas Chacon asked 3 weeks ago

I just purchased this blade and noticed as I was gluing that there was a little peel of wood on the very top right on my forehand side.. The whole piece did not fall off it is still hanging on so I just continued to glue and put the rubber over top of it. I didn’t think about it until later but I should of wood glued it back in place. I am too nervous to peel the rubber off now and have that piece of wood peel off completely as well. I am wondering if this would effect play at all since it is still technically attached but just sort of flapping — even though I have the rubber attached?

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Lucas Chacon answered 3 weeks ago

Lucas Chacon answered 3 weeks ago

Dan Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Lucas, this can happen often where small bits of the blade can break off, it won’t affect the way the blade plays at all bit I know it is a bit annoying. You just need to be careful when you peel the rubber off and take your time and do it slowly so more bits don’t get pulled off. As long as you are careful and stick bits back down where its possible it won’t be a problem.
Dan 🙂 

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