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Casperr_l asked 4 weeks ago

Hello everyone!
I’ve been playing for about a year with long pimples (close to the table) on my backhand (Dr Neubauer matador texa Carbon blades and troublemaker pimples), and doing pretty decent so far. However I’ve noticed that once people play really hard or flat against my pimples it’s difficult to control the ball. Are there any tips/tactics with these balls and players? 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 4 weeks ago

Hey! Yeah these shots are tricky when using pimples because you don’t have the spin to work with. It’s really important to stay relaxed and have a looser grip and soft hands when you face these type of shots. Also trying to take the ball fairly early to stop it flying long can help.

You kind of need to have the feeling that you are just rebounding their speed from the flat hot quickly and cushioning the shot back onto the table.

So keeping a relaxed and short shot will help a lot, let us know how you get on!

Dan 🙂

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