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Kevin Tang asked 1 week ago

Is it fair to say that when players using long pips and anti-spin players loop against your topspin, it produces a somewhat float ball with some degree of topspin? So we should attack it as if it was no-spin?
And then if they chop your topspin, attack it as if it’s heavy underspin?
And then if they chop/push your backspin, attack as if its nospin?
And if they loop your backspin, it’s now also a floaty no-spin with some topspin?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 week ago

Hey Kevin, Yes you’re basically right in everything you have said here above. The hard part against these types of rubbers/players is quickly changing between all the shots and reading spin well in a short space of time. This will all improve with practice and more importantly experience against these types of rubbers. If you can get a chance to practice against these players that is the most helpful thing you can do. But you obviously understand how the rubbers work so it’s just getting a feel for it now and building up confidence.

Tom 🙂

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