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zackmossy asked 4 weeks ago

Hi Guys,
Was just wondering if you take a different approach to the match if you know you’re playing against someone ranked particularly higher or lower than you rather than someone a similar level? If so, what are the differences between the two?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 4 weeks ago

Hey Zack,

I think naturally most players approach these tyoes of games differently but ots quite important to try to take the same approach whether you are playing a much lower ranked or much higher ranked. The best way is to try to focus on your own game and what your strengths are and not over think too much on your opponent.

Off course you need to take a look at what theor strengths and weaknesses are bit some people think too much about the opponent and forget to focus on their own tactics and game. So the best way is try approach all games with a good focus and especially on your own game. Many people find it easier playing people much higher ranked as they feel there is less pressure on them but if the focus is on controlling what you can control you’ll find you will improve against lower ranked players too. Hope that’s helpful 🙂

replied 4 weeks ago

Cheers Dan that makes a lot of sense!

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