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BuS asked 10 months ago

Hi Guys,
First off, I love the content you guys have been making and appreciate all the time and effort that goes into it all. With a background in production I know the amount of work that goes into it all. 

I was wondering if you’re able to analyse my match for me?

I’ve recently got to record a good pennant match which I feel I played mostly quite well for my knowledge level of execution.

Things I’m aware of.
– My footwork is still weak (slightly better since my FH v backspin / follow up has improved) but still weak in coming into and away from the table.
– My confidence in my BH v underspin is non existent when I’m looking to win instead of force my training shots into a match. (Still not good enough at execution though)
– I’m awful at receiving pendulum like (side top spin to BH and off the side corner) serves. Is the only response to this is learning different variations of BH flick? This spot if very uncomfortable for me which is why I end up receiving all these serves with the FH side instead of BH.

Of course I need to practise the basics and fundamentals but I was hoping for some more specific advise. I’m the taller guy in black with orange sleeves. 

Thanks guys!!!

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Dan Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

Hey, thanks very much that’s great to hear! Yes of course no problem, I’ve just had a chance to watch the video now. I think the areas you mentioned above are all spot on and it’s good that you are already aware of them.
With the pendulum sidespin serves to the backhand definitely getting confident with he backhand flick will really help you because it will stop players targeting this area. Sometimes if the ball drifts long off the side or the edn a backhand topspin is still possible, I think just spending time getting someone to do these serves are really work on that will help. 
One thing I noticed which I think will help in all your returns and even in the open game as well is trying to get lower down, so more bend in the knees and get lower to the table. I think quite a few of the returns you missed are because you ended up reaching in a bit and a bit far away from the ball, if you can really get down lower in the ready position when returning and focus on stepping in low and getting your head and body close to the ball I think it will make a big difference. 
This will also help when trying to topspin backspin balls and open up, you’ll be able to brush the ball easier and get more spin if you are a bit lower, especially being quite tall by the looks of it. 
On your backhand open up against a push I think, waiting for the ball a hit longer and really trying to pause before accelerating into the ball will help, your technique isn’t bad at all I think it’s more a timing problem with that shot. 
Your forehand is pretty strong and seemed to win you quote a lot of points, I would just say to aging focus on the spin and being lowland using your legs but overall pretty solid there. 
You’ve got a good solid game foundation and I think a lot of potential to improve. I feel just working on the shirt game and open up shots against backspin and then of course the follow up shot, these are the key areas right now as well as the other bits you mentioned above to get to the next level, keep up the good work!
If you have any other questions on this just let us know,
Dan 🙂 

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