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Sweetiele asked 3 years ago

Hey Dan and Tom! 
After switching back to Tenergy from Hurricane, I have been making a lot of unforced errors while spinning from my forehand. I am hitting a lot of edges. Can it be because of the fact that the face of the racket is closed while spinning? What else do you think could be wrong? Many thanks!

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Sweetiele answered 3 years ago

I am making these errors specially when spinning against backspin.

TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hey Sweetiele,

Firstly something that can really help before talking about the technical elements is finding the rubber that you feel most comfortable with and sticking to it, if you’re changing your equipment a lot it can be hard to adapt and be consistent. So I would say stick with the tenergy now and the same blade and give yourself time to really be confident with the rubber and get used to adapting to the best bat angle and way to contact the ball.

Hitting the top edge can often be due to the wrong timing, so make sure you are taking the ball at the top of the bounce and not rushing your shots. Also as you said getting the correct bat angle, and making sure you are brushing up on the ball against backspin to give you spin and safety.

Hope that helps!

replied 2 years ago

Hey Tom,

Thanks for your reply! Why do you think that rushing on the shots causes more edges? Is it because of the upwards trajectory of the ball? or the fact that we are not in a good position to play the ball. But this happens even when I am in the correct position. Do you think it can be because of closing the racket angle too much?

I have seen that you emphasize the fact that closing the racket angle can help in generating more topspin. But one of the coaches in China asked me to spin with a more open bat angle.

Academy Coach replied 2 years ago

Hey Sweetiele,

No problem, it’s usually as you said because your body isn’t it the right position to play the shots. It can also be because your bat angle is too closed yes, if you close the bat too much you can hit the edge a lot. So try slightly more open than you are right now.

Also this usually happens a lot when you miss time the ball and take it too late, make sure to hit the ball in front of your body and not to late. Also be sure to check your bat isn’t too low when trying tot topspin this can also cause you to hit the edge of your bat. Give those few things a try and it will definitely help!

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