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Resznotes asked 1 year ago

Hi, Everyone,
I notice that I shift my bat in my hand when changing between backhand and forehand topspin strokes. Is that a bad idea? My index finger changes position as well as some adjusting how the bat sits in my hand. I’m wondering if this is a really bad idea and if I should find a position that works with both strokes? How common is shifting the bat?
Thanks for your input,

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hi Resznotes, thats is actually very common when switching between backhand and forehand to make a slight grip change and adjustment, even some professional players make these changes.

A small change is fine, as sometimes it’s hard to feel comfortable with exactly the same grip for both, as long as this change isn’t too big and slows you down when switching and between shots I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Of course just try to minimise and be sure to save as much time as you can while staying comfortable for shots on both sides 🙂

replied 1 year ago

Thanks, Tom!

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