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maurice101 asked 1 week ago

Liam has a world class backhand.
From myself doing a lot of shadow swings and seeing which method results in a faster racket speed and a higher spin level I got the following backhand.
I have been working on my backhand which is different to Liam’s in 2 regards.
Squat and rise forward as the wrist goes back.
Starting with the bat more facing up and the elbow closer to the body.
Any comments from a technical point of view of stroke mechanics on my backhand?
I have noted if I add Ma Longs right hip back as well as squatting the power goes up another 10%


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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 week ago


Good to see you working hard. I would say to try and bring your wrist back more on the preparation. You will have more to release into the ball then. Also, try and dip your shoulder down during the preparation. This will give you even more backswing. Keep up the good work!


replied 1 week ago

Thanks Dan. I got a old wrist injury that does not allow me to fully flex the wrist back.

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