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Nomad asked 11 months ago

Hi Tom/Dan
I am ready to get new rubbers for the new league season starting and wondered if you could advise me on the best option(s) to buy for my type of game. I used DNA before and over the last 2 years have been using Rasanter on both sides of the bat which was similar to DNA.  If you have a look at some of the short videos I sent in the past year you will see that I play an attacking game on both forehand and backhand, close to the table, taking the ball early off the bounce.  I also like to open up the game with forehand and backhand topspin further back from the table, followed up with a fast forehand/backhand drive or smash when circumstances allow.
The main things I am looking for are control for heavy topspin from the middle of the table (using my wrist and elbow) and speed for a follow up forehand drive or flat smash coming further back from the table. I wondered if Evolution MXP might fit the bill or any other rubber(s) you could suggest. 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 11 months ago

Hey Alex! Ok yes I’ve got a pretty good idea of your game style for videos you’ve sent in the past and I think Rasanter and DNA are both similar as you said. If you are happy with your set up and feel comfortable and confident there there’s no real reason to change and I would say just got for 2 new sheets of Rasanter. However if you did want a little more speed and power without a big change in feeling then I would say that MXp would be your best bet as that’s a little faster but not a huge difference in the overall feeling.

Dan 🙂

replied 11 months ago

Thanks Dan

Sounds like a plan.

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