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maurice101 asked 4 weeks ago

Shadow  video of a no backswing backhand topspin punch shot using martial arts principles.
I am interested in your comments. My coach said this is similar to what ma long uses.
Uses my coaches principles of a delay in backswing and the back whip action is against body motion going forward.
Advantages. Very fast and powerful and good spin. Can get the crack sound and the ball still goes in. Hard to block.
Very fast to set up.
Extremely simple
Very reliable as it is so simple.
Deceptive as the elbow going forward as you can hit both sides of ball with similar elbow movement.
Easy to hit close to the table off the bounce and down the line wins 90% of the time.

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maurice101 answered 4 weeks ago

Similar to this

TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 weeks ago

Hey Maurice!

I definitely agree with what you’ve mentioned above here and the technique you demonstrated is very solid. I like this type of shot as well and it’s actually very important to have a strong backhand and be able to do this type of shot in the modern game. It’s great because as you said it’s short and snappy but also reliable because you can keep things simple and with a nice compact but fast movement. It’s also great to use this even if your opponent has played a topspin shot at you and you don’t want to just block but send the ball back with some extra speed too.

Itf you can stay at a good position fairly close to the table as Ma Long does with this shot, it can win you a lot of points. Many of the Chinese players use this to switch the play down the line which you alps mentioned and think this is extremely effective.

Your technique here looks great, so keep that up and try to use this as much as possible during games. If there’s anything else, just let us know.


replied 4 weeks ago

One of the biggest advantages of this stroke as you mentioned is that it is so fast to set up. I can return a quality ball close to the table that I would only be able to block with my old backhand.
I got a version of this against backspin too.

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