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Nomad asked 1 month ago

Hi Tom / Dan

I thought I had better try to get back in shape given the fact that, hopefully, lockdown will soon be easing and we might even get to play against an opponent!!  This short video is intended to show how I am practising to attack a half long ball with a forehand topspin, my bat angle contacting the ball around 2 on the clockface and a shorter backhand topspin stroke with a fast follow through which is done by using more wrist action.  Occasionally this is followed by a flatter smash (with the bat angle more open) intended to set up a weaker return if not winning the point outright.  If you have any practise suggestions which you think might help me develop even further, please let me know,  
From my own observation of the video I would extend my arm on the forehand topspin to get more speed and spin but as I mentioned before, the area of the garage, particularly the width, restricts my arm and body movement to a certain degree. When I played in an open area before lockdown my arm was more extended to around 120 degrees which gave me more power although this required more precise timing.
I feel I am still a bit slow in my movement which I hope will improve when we can get back to normal.  Also, I am still developing new serves and your videos have been excellent in helping me develop more variety which I am sure has added points to my game, as has the new ‘Backhand Flick’ stroke which I have added to my arsenal of strokes.
Thanks again for all you help which is much appreciated.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 month ago

Yes we’re all looking forward to getting back to playing against real people! You’re sharpness will definitely come back as things return to normal and more time playing again for sure.

I can see that you are limited by the space as you mentioned and this would mean your forehand is more extended with more room which is great and will help with spin and power. I can see how much you’re backhand has improved so that’s great, I just think to keep focusing on being smooth and relaxed on both sides and keeping your body weight low and forward is key, but great work!

I actually think a great way to practice individual shots on the robot is to really isolate them so focus in n backhand for a while and then forehand, of course it’s good doing both like you are in this video. But sometimes it’s great to just work on the open up and then the follow up on the same side on it’s own this can really help you get the muscle memory and make the shots more natural and relaxed.

Great to hear about developing your serves that’s such an important area of the game and your very welcome for all the help that’s why we’re here!

Dan 🙂

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