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Hamza Caratela asked 3 weeks ago

Hi guys, I’m able to do both BH and FH open ups alright. I get a lot of points from the amateur level. But when I start using this shot with better people, they completely smash the ball or punch it past me and gives them the opportunity to attack. The loop I do is not fast but with lots of spin rotation. I don’t think it works with better players. What can I do in this case? 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

So usually when this is happening you are getting a lot of spin but the ball is probably ending up to short in the table and not deep enough to trouble the better players. So you need to work on the acceleration through the shot and getting the ball to land closer to the white line which will make it much harder to block and counter attack. A lot of this comes from using the legs and body better and keeping a relaxed arm to get the speed through the shots.

Dan 🙂

Hamza Caratela
replied 2 weeks ago

Your right Dan sometimes the ball lands short and in the middle so they can attack it, ill work on it getting deeper on the white line. Thanks

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