Coach CornerServe and ReceivePar Gerell serve, can't get the underspin / sidespin
Kevin Tang asked 2 months ago

I am watching the par gerell underspin serve tutorial and I can’t get the heavy underspin or sidespin. I see his ball is curving but every time I make contact with the bat its like a no spin serve. Any tips to help with this?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

Hey Kevin, This is usually down to the bat angle and getting the bat to come in a more downwards movement a brush more underneath the ball. Often if your bat angle isn’t flat enough it won’t generate much backspin. Also having the acceleration through the contact point and a nice relaxed wrist will help make sure you get the right contact to create backspin. Often it’s actually not that important to create loads of backspin or loads of topspin it’s more important to make the serves look similar and the subtle differences and the opponent not being sure on the spin is what will get you points. But it would be interesting to see a quick clip of you doing the serve and we could give you some feedback on it as well 🙂

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