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Allyot asked 3 years ago

Здравствуйте. У меня есть Петр Корбел и форхенд и башанд XIOM VEGA PRO. Я хочу изменить резины, думаю, tenergy 05, как вы думаете, tenergy 05 + petr korbel как комбинация, и все еще хотел купить timo boll alc, но я думаю, что разница будет незначительной, и для этого я думаю, что каучуки будут лучше

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Allyot answered 3 years ago

Sorry. I forget translate. 
Hello. I have Petr Korbel and forehand and bachand XIOM VEGA PRO. I want to change rubbers, think tenergy 05, do you think, tenergy 05 + petr korbel as a combination, and still wanted to buy timo boll alc, but I think the difference will be insignificant, and for this I think rubbers will be better

TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi, I think tenergy 05 would definitely be a suitable swap for your current setup. The korbel is a good balanced attacking blade and the Timo Boll would be a little faster. So perhaps try the tenergy first on your Korbel blade and then once you have adjusted consider changing the blade, rather than everything at once. 

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