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Nomad asked 2 months ago

Hi Guys
During a practice session with the robot on the backhand drive and flick I found that I could get more control over the blade when I moved my thumb further up the bat.  The control came from the fact that when I put pressure on the thumb the bat angle closed slightly The more pressure I put on the thumb the greater the bat angle closed. At the moment of contact with the ball my finger and thumb ‘squeezed’ the rubber and prevented the bat from ‘wobbling’ My wrist was flexible so I could produce a fast backspin flick and drive using forearm and wrist action.
I wondered if the positioning of the finger and thumb was something you could advise on. (I sent a short video to your e-mail address for reference). 
I look forward to seeing your next videos when you get back to the studio.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

Hey Alex, yes quite the thumb is very important on the backhand side for adjustment of the bat angle and also controlling the bat and putting pressure on the ball. From the video you sent it looks good and having the thumb slightly higher on the backhand often helps players improve their shots and definitely the squeezing the bat feeling you mentioned is key to that so keep working on it!

We will be adding some new videos very soon then we filmed over video call and then hope to be back in the studio filming soon!

Thanks, Dan 🙂

replied 2 months ago

Thanks Dan
I think my game has definitely improved and is now moving into the 21st century thanks to the Academy. 😂 Hopefully I will be able to send a video soon of what I have learned into practice against an opponent.
In the meantime I look forward to seeing your new videos.

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