Coach CornerPlaying against an aggressive long-pimple player.
darion888 asked 1 year ago

Hello guys,

I’ve recently been struggling to win against a girl who plays a weird technique and is attacking me with long-pimple side. She hits with a lot of force because long pimples do not have so much friction to pace the ball. As a result the ball which comes to me is sometimes difficult to control and goes into the net. I usually use this strategy against long-pimple players: topspin and after it I push, because after it the easily attackable ball usually comes to me. But she is different because after the push she attacks heavy with this long pimples, which makes me uncomfortable. So the question is what should I do, maybe pushing deep or short?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hi Darion, yes this is always a difficult style to play against for sure. Yes definitely adding more variation to your pushes will help so playing longer and deeper one and then dropping in short as you said will help. Also sometimes trying to attack with a controlled topspin for a couple of shots instead of pushing, this will keep her on the defensive a bit more and force her into playing a bit more passive.

It’s also very important to mix up the placement so she has to always adjust and move into position to hit with the pimples and not just waiting in the same position.

replied 1 year ago

Ok, thanks for the tips. I’ll definitely try them the next time out :).

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