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Brian Sentance asked 2 months ago

Hi guys, I have seen some of your videos about tactics and playing long-pips players and would understand that anti-spin rubbers are similar but with a more floating ball. On the tactical side of things, I wanted to extend the discussion to what to do against players that have a “normal” attacking topspin FH and anti-spin BH. I have only just starting playing against these type of players (I play attacking topspin both BH and FH) and I find my biggest issue is the mixture of balls I receive back from the two sides of the opponents BH and FH. But given that the competitors I am playing do not twiddle the bat much (i.e. BH is almost always using the anti-spin rubber) then is it a good tactic to try targeting mainly either their backhand or forehand, trying to avoid rallies where I am getting a balls from a mixture of both normal and anti-spin rubbers? I was thinking that if my overall attacking game is stronger than their “normal” attacking forehand then that removes one level of complication. Similarly, with anti-spin they are limited in what they can do, so trying to play to their BH mainly might again make it simpler for me to attack if they only use anti-spin that side. I guess it is good to be fully used to playing this type of player from all sides (particularly if a player twiddles the bat), but I think right now it is the mixture of balls they are sending back that causes me issues so was thinking of strategies to simplify things. 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

Hi Brian,Yes that’s right, it is fairly similar to long pips but less spin reversal and more of a float skidding ball back to you. If you are struggling with the variety and mix of shouts you get back then definitely focusing your attack to one side or the other will help. I think once you can focus your attacks to either side then once you get a weak ball trying to play faster into their body is a good tactic as they have to adjust and get into position very quickly. As you said the long term solution is to be comfortable even when they are twiddling and giving you a mixture but for the time being focusing attacks into the anti loop means they are limited and also won’t be able to attack you with any great speed or danger. Let us know if you have nay other questions on this.

Tom 🙂

Brian Sentance
replied 2 months ago

Thanks for the advice Tom and will give it a try! 🙏

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