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maurice101 asked 3 years ago

Could you comment how to play against short pimps and also anti spin?
I assume these rubbers do not reverse the spin as much.
One player in my club uses anti spin both sides. He plays fast into the corners with great accuracy. How would I play this style?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hey Maurice,

Yes this style can be tricky to play against especially when our opponent is able to play low, fast and to the corners. Ideally you need to play your shots to his crossover point/elbow, keep him guessing so he is not able to so easily play his effective shots. The more he is in two minds on what shot to play he will produce a weaker return to you.

Players with this style of game play rely on your mistakes. You need to keep low and vary your shot placement, when the opponent returns a high ball you can then play a stronger shot to his cross over point. If he returns this then play your next shot to an angle. Stay consistent and break the opponent down. Remember if you use lots of spin the anti spin rubber will take full effect and return the ball back to you with a lot of spin. So keep in mind to not also go for spin shots as the anti spin rubber will take full effect to this.

Also, vary your serves, long fast serves to the corners work well. Be aware of what spin your producing on your serves. I always find doing a lot of float (no spin) serves work well against anti spin players. This means when they return there is very little spin which means you can play through the ball.

Does this help? The short pimple player whats his style of play? I find low deep spins work well to short pimple players, plus moving them around.

replied 3 years ago

Thanks for the tips on playing antispin. Very helpful. I find a short no spin serve gets me some free points as hte ball can pop up. Is your video on playing long pimps relevent against short pimps? His style is blocking close to the table but he counterhits fast away from the table. I did find a high topspin sidespin backhand serve to his backhand effective on his rubber last time I played him.

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