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Divsalar asked 2 months ago

Hi Tom and Dan
Could you please analyse my match with a much better player in this short video?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

Hey divsalar, Ok so from what I can see the main things that will help you is to slow down a bit and take more time, especially when serving and in between points. But also during the rally, quite often the mistakes you made cam from rushing your shots and being too tense, so focus on a relaxed upper body and a softer touch on the ball.

Also very often the opponents serve came long but you pushed the ball back, if you can try to look for these long serves and topspin them more often that will make a huge difference as the opponent won’t get as many chances to attack first and dominate the point. Your backhand block looks very solid and a shot which can keep you in the rally so keep that up! Lastly I would say to you are probably a little backhand dominant looking at this video, so build the confidence in your forehand and work on that in practice so you can use it more in games. Any questions on this just let us know.

replied 2 months ago

Many thanks Tom,

Very well explained. Can you please give some tips to slow down in rally and not rush.
Am I right saying after the serve I should go one step back?
Also can you let me know if I bend my knee enough or should I go down more?

Many thanks

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