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Angela van Oosten asked 2 months ago

Hey, i was wondering if you have some trainig exercises i can do on my own with a tabletennis table?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 2 months ago

There are definitely some useful things you can do alone for table tennis training, I think the best two are serve practice and fitness exercises because of course it’s difficult to practice rally play and everything else without a partner or a robot.

So spending time with a box of balls working on your serves is a great way to use the time as serves are one of the most important areas in the game. Fitness as well is something that gets neglected and building up your core strength, leg strength, speed and flexibility will all help. We have some drills you can use in the fitness videos section on the Academy.

If you want to train your shots alone then you’ll need a robot which can be expensive but a good alternative can be a return board which you set up on the table and hit against, with this you can practice the basic drives and topspin shots pretty well.

Tom 🙂

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