Coach CornerTechniquespro level serve spin vs Tom/Dan's serve spin. what's makes the difference?
[email protected] asked 3 weeks ago

hi Dan & Tom, in Kamal’s Serving Secrets session…at the end of the video you try to do Kamal’s serves…exactly how he does them.   In reality…when you try your best to do Kamal’s serves vs when Kamal does his serves…is the spin the same?  if his spin is (a lot) greater…. what exactly is it that he’s doing that creates this amazing spin?  Is his wrist flicking faster than yours?  is this extra spin coming from his body rotation (that’s rotating faster than yours?).  i’m curious what the “secret” is to the highest level spin in serves. thanks! 🙂 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey Steve, yes so often the key difference in spin is all in the quality of the contact, which does come a lot from the wrist. Of course there are some other things which help to that you mentioned like acceleration and also the body rotation which he does very well. Also all the Pro player shave of course spent many many house working on their serves and it’s like anything, the more time you work on it and improve it, the stringer and more natural it becomes and the easier you can generate spin.

I also feel quite often the spin level between myself and Dan’s serves and a Pro serving isn’t a huge difference but it can come down to a few parts like the variety, keeping it tight to the net and low and the speed of the serves as well. But serving is super important and a good area of the game to work on as you can win points directly by improving it! 🙂

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