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Jammmail asked 1 year ago

 ta 53 ta Hi guys,
After having a knock with different club mates bats I quite like the feel of carbon blades and want to get a new blade to practice with over the summer, with training and summer leagues, so I will be more comfortable with it for the winter league. But am struggling with all the options out there to make a sensible decision. Currently i have a Primorac Off – (that is a good few years old and showing its age) – is a Viscaria/Boll ALC/Spirit to bigger jump?

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Dan Academy Coach answered 1 year ago

Hi Jimmy,

Firstly great that your trying club mates bats before purchasing a load of products, the best thing to do is to try players bats first to get a good feel on what you like. I would say going from Primorac Off – to a Viscaria/Boll ALC is a huge jump. The carbon is very close to the outer ply so its very hard and fast. You want something with a bit more dwell and flex. If you like the feeling of carbon blades you should try a carbon blade with 2 layers of outer wood then the carbon layer. An example of this would be the Innerforce blade by Butterfly or the Ovtcharov No.1 blade. These blades give you a carbon feel yet posses a lot of control like you get with a wood blade.

Hope this helps 🙂

replied 1 year ago

Thanks Dan, appreciate your comment and really does help. I had a feeling that would be the answer. The new Harimoto blade is based on Innerforce alc? Only problem is no one I know has one that style so would have to just go for it I guess.

Academy Coach replied 1 year ago

Hey Jimmy,

Yeah the Harimoto blade is of similar construction. It will be a very quick blade aimed for advanced players with stable technique. I know your currently using the Primorac OFF- which is a fantastic high controlled blade, you may find the jump to much for your technique to handle if you’re used to a OFF- wood blade. It could be worth sticking to the Primorac OFF- so you don’t lose out on your control. Or a wood blade a touch quick than this such as the Petr Korbel blade. Unless your practicing very often a carbon blade can be tricky to handle in those tense situations in a match. As you have said you will use it over the summer to practice with so if you have time to get use to it, you can see how you get on and then make your decision as the season gets closer 🙂

replied 9 months ago

Hi Dan/Tom – a bit of an update

My Primorac is old with the black tag (probably over 20 yrs old – not sure when it first came out?) from when I used to play up until I was about 18/17. Im mid thirties now and back playing. This will be my second winter season back playing and really enjoying it, progressing and jumping up divisions. I have used the summer league to experiment with a few blades as the Primorac is pretty chipped, tired and seen much better days. This has given very mixed results, I tried a Yasaka Sweden Extra and really didn’t like it at all. A Donic Ovtcharov True Carbon – felt a bit too fast, though when it was right it felt great. My latest trial was a Timo Boll Spirit, but though I have mainly used Tenergy 05 or Rozena (currently on the Primorac both sides) it had Hurricane 3 on forehand as was on there from the person I bought it off and new, with Tenegy 64 on the BH. And while it felt really good in training and practice, when it came to game, I was awful with it, lost confidence with my forehand which is usually my best weapon and basically not being on the front foot. Though my backhand was arguably better with it. The last two league matches I have gone back to the Primorac and it felt much more comfortable and had better results, but it just doesn’t have that snap to put away shots, prob winning more by staying in rallies.

I do think an upgrade in pace would help as I try to play a full out attacking game, I am getting training, practice a couple of times a week and playing league matches. So I am getting better and progressing.

I have read that the newer European versions of the Primorac and Korbel don’t play as well as the older ones (or the Japanese ones – which seem hard to get over here) – is that correct in your opinion? Also does the Korbel play similar to the Primorac – on the forums it seems people differ on how it performs. Or that its a bit of a ‘marmite’ blade.

So, I have a few choices – put T05 on the Primorac and pray it doesn’t disintegrate (though I kind of want to just retire it before it becomes useless or breaks). Get a new Primorac or Korbel to get an increase in pace? Buy some more Rozena for the TBS or DOTC to try that out with rubbers I know better. Or is it I just don’t like Koto wood bats (YSE, DOTC, TBS) and would be better trying a carbon blade with a limba outer (Innerforce/Freitas as you mentioned) though I don’t know anyone who has one to try?

Apologies for the long reply but any advice would be appreciated.

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