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Nomad asked 9 months ago

Hi Tom
Re my previous question regarding pushing against pimpled rubber…As I am unlikely to repeat the game against an opponent playing with pimples on the backhand and  forehand for some time so I have tried to simulate the ‘push’ effect (slow float) caused by the pimples by using the robot and setting it to ‘almost no spin. I realise this will not exactly match the effect in a game but my intention was to follow you advice by having a more open bat angle and pushing through the back of the ball. I found this worked well and I could choose when to attack with a fast follow through of the backhand. (see video link below)
If I was to be self critical I would get slight lower to the table when playing the push with perhaps a little more follow through when playing deeper balls.  Let me know what you think.
Thanks again for your help.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 9 months ago

Hi Alex, yes definitely looks pretty good and I think you’re right it could be slightly lower, you just want to get the feeling you are coming down through towards the table slightly more to keep the ball down and this will also help getting the deeper balls. Also just keep in mind a relaxed hand a wrist to soften the contact and control the length of your pushes.

replied 9 months ago

Thanks Tom
This worked well and I found it easier to control the ball in terms of direction and speed with a relaxed wrist and slightly extended follow through which stopped my opponent from attacking first.


Academy Coach replied 9 months ago

That’s great to hear Alex! It will make a big difference if you can get these types of shots right and keep them low consistently ?


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