shai10be asked 10 months ago

Hi guys,
I would like your advice for racket that is suitable for close to the table play.(mostly close , sometimes mid distance).
Now I have a Butterfly Zhang jike alc blade with tenergy 80 on the forehand and tenergy 05 fx on the backhand.
It is a bit heavy for me and I do not feel the ball and my switches from side to side are slow.
I am an attacking intermediate player from both sides.(FH is better)
please advise,

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 10 months ago

Hi Shai,

Ok so with the blade you have at the moment I would suggest a slightly more controlled blade for playing close to the table and sometimes mid distance. I think something like the Apolonia ZLC blade or the innerforce ZLF, both of these would offer a better feeling on the ball with less of a carbon feel so it almost feels the ball stays longer on the bat. They are also slightly slower and nore controlled than the Zhang Jike blade. Both ate akos lighter blades.

If you get the chance its always good to try different blades before you buy them to see which suits you best, so maybe someone at your club has one to try etc.

Hope that’s helpful.

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