Coach CornerMatch playReason why Chinese players are no longer dominated in the competition now?
Malongtheking asked 11 months ago

Recently in the WTT Marco Championship, there are several Chinese players defeated by the European player including WMY, CM and LJK. Even Ma Long and FanZhendong are getting challenged by the Western player. Besides, the scores in the matches are getting close too, many games are finished by 3-2 and having deuce. Could you explain the reason that the Chinese players no longer have a good advantages over the Western players and more matches are getting tight now?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 11 months ago

I think this is mainly because the level in Europe and around the world is catching up and now closer to the Chinese players. Also they are having more opportunities to play against the Chinese players and get used to their style and level. I feel the overall level in China is actually not as strong as before and there are less kids starting out in the sport, before there were many players from China who could beat the top European players but now only a very small group of them

Lastly the training methods and clubs in Europe are much more professional now and as I said the level is getting closer to China and being able to beat them more often!

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