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Resznotes asked 8 months ago

Hi, Dan and Tom,
If I return a short sidespin serve with a sidespin push, do I return the sidespin in the same direction it is already spinning from the serve, or do I counter the spin? Or, does it matter? I’m referring to your video on creative return of serves.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hi Sue,

Usually in this situation you should try to couter the spin so go against it in the other direction otherwise the spin already on the ball will take it off the table or at least difficult to control.


replied 7 months ago

Thanks, Tom. So, if someone serves a tomahawk, the ball is spinning counter clockwise. If I return with a combo sidespin/push, I should do so by coming along the left side of the ball, aiming my bat toward the net post, and spin it clockwise. Correct?

Academy Coach replied 7 months ago

No problem, yes that’s absolutely right this will control the direction of spin from a tomahawk serve by going against the spin 🙂

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