Coach CornerTechniquesReturnboards, is it ok train with them?
lrezende asked 3 years ago

I and my sun are still improving the basis strokes… Do you think that a returnboard could help?

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lrezende answered 3 years ago

son*… πŸ™‚

TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Lrezende,
I personally don’t think that return boards are that good, they don’t offer a realistic return, either using multi ball or a robot would be better options to refine the basic strokes. Obviously if you don’t have access to a robot at your club they can be expensive so probably go for multi ball!

replied 3 years ago

The problem is that my time is different from my son’s time… Actually I’m trying to find a way to train alone… It’s important for me and for him too.
Yes, robot is not an option yet.

Academy Coach replied 3 years ago

Ok I see what you mean. If you really have no other option then you can use the return board, it’s definitely better than no practice at all πŸ™‚ Even shadow playing the strokes in front of a mirror can be effective to see the movement of your shots are correct.

tt777 answered 2 years ago

Hi, thought i’d share my recent experience. I too can’t justify buying a robot right now. Out of desparation of needing to practice i made a return board. I wouldnt pay for commercial models. Dont think they are worth the money. I made one for $20 Australian. I hit topspin and it returns backspin. Its not good for trying rallies like with a partner. But i can hit the board and can practice hitting half long balls and short balls. I can do footwork practice by varying the angle thus going from forward corner to middle and backhand and vice versa. Just one hit at a time, not continuous. Hanging out for a robot but am really happy with my $20 investment for now.

Academy Coach replied 2 years ago

Hi tt777,

Very impressive you managed to set a return board up yourself. I completely agree that it can be very good for footwork patterns and movement. I often use robots in practice with junior players to work on their footwork and timing. It can also aid the fun element factor in training as it can be different and fun to practice against. Let us know when you have got your robot and how your finding it πŸ™‚

replied 2 years ago

Thanks Dan. Appreciate the follow up. The board gives me some chance to practice some of what you guys are teaching. Great videos. And the one just posted on YT with Kristian Karlsson was amazing.

Will stay in touch re: robots.


replied 2 years ago

I use a expensive robot and I am making a $60 return board. The reason is that the robot is not at all like a real person as you can’t see racket angle etc. A return board is more realistic for rally balls as it is much closer to someone blocking. I know someone that got rid of his expensive robot and uses a return board. I will post my experience when I complete the board in a week or so when the rubbers arrive from china.
Of course a good training partner is much better than the 2 options above.

Academy Coach replied 2 years ago

Hey Maurice,

Sounds great, I know what you mean πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your experience, do let us know.

Have a nice weekend,

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