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Kevin Tang asked 2 weeks ago

What’s the best way to return no-spin serve? Is it similar to receiving a topspin?
I have an opponent who is very good at deceiving between underspin, topspin and no-spin. Right now I’m able to BH flick his short serves, but when he tosses in the no-spin I don’t have a great read on it – I either think it’s underspin or topspin and so my returns go either long or into the net when he does this.
The server is also very good at disguising the spin. Any major tactics or ideas to combat this? 

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Kevin, Yes returning no spin serves can be tricky for sure. In a way it is similar to returning topspin serve in that you need to be careful not to hit it long and off the end. It sounds to me that the problem is more with reading the serves than handling the no spin serves which is more common. To help with reading serves it’s important to stay low and get your head and body close to the ball and try not to jump in a rush the returns.

When you can read the spin better the best way is to backhand flick a no spin serve and brush the ball forwards. To improve at reading the spin it just comes down to practice and getting players to vary the serves and try to work on choosing the right shot.

Kevin Tang
replied 2 weeks ago

Hey Dan, do I return the no-spin ball the same way as the topspin ball then? So I should brush over the ball more?

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