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ronar asked 8 months ago

Hey guys! We were practicing backhand open ups at the club last night and all went pretty well with the exception of some heavy fast pushes to the deep corner.  My practice partners balance ended up so his body was moving a little backwards as opposed to slightly forward.  Is reacting to that shot, simply a matter of no hesitation when reading heavy spin and speed, then releasing your return or should he or I move the feet quickly back, reset position and release shot?  In your backhand open up video, I don’t find you have any fast backspin deep corner shots when demonstrating, thus my question.  Of course much easier for me to hit those far corners with speed in a drill, than a game, but we wanted to challenge ourselves.  Thanks

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Dan Academy Coach answered 8 months ago

Hey Ronar, this is a great question and actually something I’ve been working on myself in my own game recently too! It’s a little both of both the areas you mentioned, definitely playing with no hesitating, even against a fast push and keeping a relaxed and loose arm makea a hige difference. Like you mentioned it’s easy to fall back and be off balance, so it’s important to really brush through the ball with a closed bat and keep your weight forward.

Sometimes if the ball is very fast and deep you may need to create a bit more space by stepping back, however often players end up leaning back when doing this, so first tey from your original position by playing the ball with a quick acceleration and really making use of releasing the wrist as well which helps a lot with generating spin and also controlling direction of the ball.

Myself and Tom will create a video specifically on this topic next month, I feel it wull be useful for a lot of players 🙂

replied 8 months ago

Thanks Dan! Looking forward to the video!

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