Coach CornerServe and ReceiveReturning long backspin serves into the backhand corner
martink asked 3 years ago

Hi again. This is another serve I struggle too much with. If I get a variation of a long serve almost straight into the bh corner, it feels that there is not enough time to lift the ball and it mostly goes into the net. There is not a lot backspin on the serve, but it alwas feels heavier and much quicker than it is. Maybe I stand a bit too close when this happens, I am not sure. What would be your best suggestion to handle this serve with a decent return?

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Martin,

For this type of serve I would say you definitely need to firstly make sure you give yourself enough space as you mentioned. And also go for a good acceleration and spin in the shot, if you try to return these serves to slowly or carefully you’ll find the go in the net a lot which you akso said can happen. So try to focus on short but quick shot brushing through the ball well to give you safety over the net.

replied 3 years ago

Great advice here, I think you are very right. Too much hesitation on the return here during match play sounds right. Under stress it is so easy to do exactly this. I will definitely give the short and quck brushing through the ball a try. Thank you!

Academy Coach replied 3 years ago

No problem Martin, I’m sure it will help and with practice become a more natural shot!

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