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Timhan asked 3 years ago

Hello tom and dan can you tell which paremetres i can do better

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Timhan answered 3 years ago

TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 years ago

Hi Timhan,

So after watching the video you sent I feel there are a couple of main things you can do to help improve your technique. Firstly, I think you can stay more relaxed in your arm on both backhand and forehand. Try to keep a smooth and relaxed swing on both sides and play with less effort, this will help get a more consistent stroke and control the ball better.
You have a really nice low body and leg position which is great and good body rotation on the forehand, however at the end of your forehand shots your bat angle opens sometimes opens right up try not to let this happen, your forehand is much better when you keep the angle closed and brush the top of the ball right through the shot. When you do this I can see the spin and quality of the shot is better.
Lastly to me it seems you take the ball quite early and sometimes right off the bounce, this is fine sometimes and if you are very confident etc, however to improve control and consistency try to really concentrate of contacting the ball at the peak of the bounce and not to quickly. These are all small changes and there are lots of positive things here so keep up the good work!

Anything else or other questions you have just let us know! ?

replied 3 years ago

Thanks a Lot to Work with..
Can i just say you doing a amazing job keep IT Up ?

Academy Coach replied 3 years ago

Thanks Timhan, glad you think so 🙂

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