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Nomad asked 2 weeks ago

Hi Dan
Just a follow up to my last message regarding the type of new rubbers I was thinking of using for the league which is starting soon. I had a mediocre backhand a number of years ago and decided then, that to improve my percentage of wins, I would need to develop a strong backhand as most of my opponents targeted my backhand which was lacking in power and spin. Now, after much practice, most of my opponents tend to avoid topspinning to my backhand as my counterhitting has improved and is quite strong.  In a match situation the opponent would slow the game down and resort to pushing with backspin low over the net to prevent me from attacking wiith my stronger forehand.
Over the last 3 years I have developed a topspin open up stroke from an opponent’s backspin push.  The new rubbers give me more grip and by using my elbow and wrist, (similar to the style in your video) I have developed more power and spin on the backhand.  By taking the ball at the top of the bounce on the forehand it is more difficult for the opponent to return.
I will send a short video for your comments.
Keep up the good work.

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Alex, it’s great to hear and see the improvements you’ve made and we’re very happy that we’ve been able to help you in that! Having rubbers you are confident and comfortable with will definitely help you keep progressing so that’s very good as well. Look forward to seeing the video and will give you some feedback. Good luck for the league starting soon as well!

Dan 🙂

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