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Dipak1974 asked 4 weeks ago

Hi Guys

Hope you guys are well and looking forward to return of play. 

just had quick question following your reviews of blade Revoldia CNF and Tenergy 19. First how would the Revoldia compare to say Harimoto ALC or Apolonia in terms of speed, control, feeling? Butterfly lost it similar speed to Viscaria and and Boll ALC but I think it would be slower! 

Also how would you compare T19 to Dignics 80on Bh in terms of speed spin, control and ease of use? 

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 4 weeks ago

Hey Deep, we are good thanks and looking forward to getting back. Ok so the Revoldia is a touch slower than the Harimoto or Apolonia, but for me a lot more control and a more wood feeling.

On the Tenergy 19 compared to Dignics, the Dignics has more grip and therefore easier to generate spin. The easy of use definitely Dignics is much easier because the Tenergy 19 is quite direct and faster. The Tenergy 19 is good for an all out aggressive attacking game, but for more all round and spin based attack I’d go for the Dignics 80 for sure.

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