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SenseiJM asked 3 weeks ago

Hello Coaches,
I am currently playing with Rakza 7 Soft, and my coach told me I should switch to a harder rubber for my forehand.
Could you recommend some ? He didn’t say if it should be faster or spinnier, just harder.
Thanks in advance.

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TomTom Academy Coach answered 3 weeks ago

Hey! Ok so you could maybe just switch to the normal Rakza 7 normal version which would be harder but not much of a difference at all in feeling. I guess that’s definitely the easiest option. Another option would be Stiga DNA Pro hard which is again similar but harder as you wanted. I also do definitely agree that a harder rubber is suited to using in the modern game that’s for sure!

SenseiJM answered 3 weeks ago

Are there any other options you know of ? I’m asking this in case the salesman talks about different rubbers (I know he doesn’t have DNAs in stock for example)

Academy Coach replied 3 weeks ago

Tenergy 05 is always a good option although it can be expensive, but it’s very good quality. Donic bluestorm Z1 which has a fairly hard sponge are also good to. Xiom vega rubbers I have always found to be solid as well, vega Pro I believe is the harder version.

replied 3 weeks ago

Thanks ! I’ll look into them.

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