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lem496 asked 2 years ago

Hey Guys, 
I hope all is well. Ive recently read the article about unlearning bad habits by totally deconstructing your game and “starting over”. I’ve become totally inconsistent with my tournament play losing to players 200 points below me only to beat a player 200 points above me the next match. Is it really possible to totally forget what you’ve learned and start over? After watching video of yesterday’s matches I’ve noticed one over half my FH strokes dont finish and are more like lame blocks rather than FH Drives and I’m definitely not staying low enough throughout the point. Are there any videos on starting over?  I’m in a ratings point loop hell gaining 100+ points one tournament only to give those points back the very next tournament. Any suggestions on tearing my game apart and starting over will be greatly appreciated. Perhaps a video on starting over. Last but not least, perhaps some videos on FH Short Pips and maybe some videos aimed at more senior players. There’s a lot of us who have time and resources to relearn the game.
Thanks and stay safe,

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Dan Academy Coach answered 2 years ago

Hey Lem,

Ok so I don’t think you need to start completely over again to get rid of this problem. It’s just working on certain areas and analysing your game for what is going wrong which you said you arw doing by watching videos back so that’s great! Often it can be a couple of key things here and there than make the difference with your shots, you’ve already noticed one which is not staying low enough and the other which was blocking rather than a drive or topspin. So focus your training on improving these areas and work on that at the moment. I’m sure with time you’ll get past this frustrating stage which happens to all players at some stage!

Dan 🙂

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